what a party


This started at an out-of-town party at a friend’s house.

It was late and everybody had left, and my wife and I had far to much to drink.

Instead of letting us drive home, the host wisely insisted that we stay the night.

We crashed on the bed in the guest bedroom and he arrived with two fresh pillows. It was late, he was tired and pretty soused, and by then he was just wearing a bathrobe.

When he came in, my wife was sitting on the side of the bed in just her bra and panties, a bit too out of it to care.

When he reached over and tossed the pillows on the bed, his robe came open right in front of my wife, which meant his penis was only about a meter from her face.

The guy was proud of his size. I was some distance away on the other side of the bed, and I guess he wanted her to get a good, “accidental” look.

She did not turn away, so he stood there letting her stare at it. I just watched, assuming he would soon turn and leave. But he didn’t.

Finally, my wife boldly took a hold of his penis and tried to make a lame joke by asking, “What’s this?”
(Or maybe she wasn’t focusing too well right then and wasn’t really sure!)

 He’s pretty brash even when he’s sober, and right then he was far from sober.

He asked, “Ever seen one like that?”

Things were getting pretty explicit but I was tired, drunk, wanted to sleep, and I figured this was not a good time to cause a scene.

He got an erection and pushed it right up to my wife’s face.

She just sat there looking at it.

Finally, she put her tongue on it. And then she opened her mouth and took it in.


I couldn’t believe this was happening right in front of me. I sobered up pretty fast.

At first I was shocked, but the longer I watched the more I found myself getting turned on. Watching her doing him real slow and deliberate started to fascinate me.

This was my wife with another man’s penis in her mouth!

By then he was holding her head and working his penis back and forth. It took a while, probably because he was drunk, but he eventually climaxed while he held her head.

 Afterwards, I was awake most of the night just thinking about what I had seen (but my wife seemed to fall asleep right away).


In the morning my wife remembered vaguely what happened and was totally appalled.

She blamed the whole thing on the alcohol and, of course, on me for not stopping it.

I had gotten turned on watching her do him and I surprised her by saying, “I’d like to see you do that again sometime.” I guess she was happy that I didn’t go ballistic.

The same guy came over to our place a few weeks later.

We were in the kitchen talking and it was obvious that we all were thinking about that night at the party.

I wondered how I would feel seeing it again when I was sober.

After debating it for a while, I said, “I want to see you two do what you did at the party.”

After resisting for a while, my wife decided, What the hell, and sat down on a chair in front of him.  He moved toward her and unzipped his pants.


 Right then he wasn’t erect, but she opened her mouth and took it all in.

After a minute or so, of working on it she pulled back revealing his large, wet penis

This time my head was clear.  As she got into it she kept looking at me, as if to taunt me. She was taking it all in and I could tell that he was building to a climax.

When he started to cum she didn’t pull away.

He came with a loud groan and she swallowed several times before he removed his penis.

The image of my wife working away on this man’s penis until he came in her mouth is an image that is forever burned into my memory.

Afterwards, she looked at us and said, “So, now, you both happy?”

Later, she said to me, “I kind of got off on you watching me doing another man right in front of you. Were you jealous?”

“Sort of.”

She smiled. “Then it was worth it.”

If you haven’t watched your wife do a guy right in front of you, you are missing something pretty wild.