Constant aperture priority at f2, pp2 in 4k and then I downsized to 1080p using adobe premiere. Color correction: I crashed the blacks to my liking, Nothing more. Some shots are maybe too dark, but I am not going for the Oscar here. I just got the lens and I was excited to go out and shoot whatever. I love the results and the convenience of a 12mm at f2. I had only one lens before that. The sony 35mm 1.8 oss. Amazing little thing for b-roll intimate shots, but 52mm equivalent is not the ideal length for all-around travel documentation. The 12mm will be on my camera 80% of the time. I will pull the 35 when I need to get more personal with my subjects. I would love the zoom feature of the Sony 10-18mm but anything above f2 looks garbage to me, and $900 is a lot for garbage. Besides being a faster lens the Samyang 12 is also a lot sharper than the 10-18. I ‘ve watched every single review out there. Manual vs Autofocus? it didn’t really bother me on this first run. As you can see I drive and all shots in the car and outside of it were just fine. Anyone could use this for vlogging with out a problem. from 2.06″ to 2:39” what you see comes from an iPhone 5S. Can you tell?

Thanks for watching