Testing the Zhiyun Crane gimbal at Kythnos Greece

My good friend Chris traveled all the way from Los Angeles with his wife, his newborn daughter and his 4 years old son. It was a pleasure to take them to my summer house in Kythnos and show them around. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a drone for breathtaking panoramic shots, and during our short 3 day trip we didn’t make it to Kolona beach, Loutra hot springs and some other beautiful locations. We will do them next time and hopefully with my new phantom 4 pro by then :p shot on sony a6500. Credits to Yoe Mase for this amazing song – ‘Lonely’ In case this song is copyrighted you probably won’t be able to watch the video on mobiles or tablets. (Thanks for trying though) In case you watched all the way to the very end of the video, you saw the teaser of Menelaos entering the cave.