When I received the Playstation 1 back in the days.. I couldn’t imagine that it will be Sony again after so many years to make me so happy with something they’ve created.

The adrenaline rush from Tomb Raider and Taken are replaced with something like the things I am doing in my videos.

For those who stick around watching my shaky footage full of randomness, a BIG THANK YOU. I promise everything will get better very soon.

equipment used for this video

sony a6500 sigma 16mm 1.4 sigma

30mm 1.4

Rode video mic go sony

A73 sigma 50mm 1.4


when I shoot random stuff like today I prefer 1080p so that I do not overheat my a6500 and save more battery Ath the very end of this video there a small sample video shot with the a73 and the 50m.

Thanks again for watching.

I am happy to receive your comments