Giveaway: 46 grams of fine silver (925) handcrafted beads from Karen Tribe of northern Thailand. Oxidised and assembled together by me, into a single layer bracelet with adjustable closure. It will be shipped to you anywhere in the world within its MAC&LOU pouch on January 5th, 2018.

The link to the bracelet from the other guy
Best of luck!

The question: I need to decide on a specific subject for my youtube videos. A or B?

Option A: “Get the fuck out of the house project” Alternative tourism, traveling by car while camping outdoors anywhere with my dog Zeus. Ill be looking for people who have beautiful stories to share while I live my own. How long can I sustain myself away from home camping? We will find out if you convince me towards this option.

Option B: To vlog my way into becoming a full-time professional boudoir photographer. This could probably bring problems to my 6-year relationship, but again if you convince me towards this option I will find the way I will have somebody on my back 24/7 recording all the interactions with people while I am working on photography and I’ll be sharing the results straight out of my cameras. From nothing to something, with lots of new equipment whenever possible thank you all for spending the time. Music: Honors – Over