Hello guys. I got a phone call for work. This time for photography. My friend Michalelis who is a make up artist and for whom I’ve created some videos in the past, he told me there is a lady making wedding dresses and she is looking for a photographer to cover her show in a big event. He asked me how much I want? I told him 100. He told me ”deal. I ll see you on Monday”

I know for many of you this payment is a joke. But I do not have any work to show in photography and we should start from somewhere.

I went there on Monday with my Sony a7III the sigma 35 and 50 1.4 Art, plus my new 120d Aputure light. Everything went well except one thing. which I only realized when I got back home to edit the photos.

For some very strange reason I was shooting JPEGs. And not even ultra fine JPEGs. Just “Fine” JPEGs!!! I never switched the settings of my camera from RAW capturing to Fine JPEGS. I was very disappointed as this was my first paid job in photography and I wanted my photos in the best possible quality.

Anyways. You can see the results bellow.

In lightroom, I was adding the “warm contrast preset” (you find it under the “Creative” tab). In few photos I used the “red lift matte” preset. Then pulling whites up to +15  +20 .  Added some vignetting when I wanted the focus in the center of the image. I also used brush to lower the shadows on the faces (on those photos where you see the light is placed on their backs some faces were too dark.) Of course I do some photoshop when ever I need to remove some spot or to soften bad shadows and highlights on the face.

I would say “not bad” for fine JPEG capturing. What do you think?