I sold the 35mm 1.8 oss in order to get the Sigma 30mm 1.4. I decided to go with the sony at first place because of the colors, the faster autofocus and the oss in the lens (thinking that having oss in the lens besides IBISS can improve the overall stabilization) I was wrong. I did use it a lot throughout a 7 month period and I liked the results it produced. What I didn’t like was the look and the build quality of this Sony lens. It looks like a cheap plastic toy. The sigma (as I mention in the video) feels more like a pro product.For those who want the smallest package of lens+camera, the 35 is the way to go. It is half the size of the sigma while both produce similar image quality. If you don’t have IBISS in camera then again Sony is the best option. In this video all shots are handheld with IBISS of a6500 turned on, and no OSS in the lens. As you can see, no complains! The switch to sigma is more because of boredom and because of my need to “play” with something new, with slightly brighter aperture. I am not a fan of sharp images. I prefer smoother artistic bokeh and sigma wins in this aspect. Based on a 3 day shooting with the sigma, I don’t miss anything from my sony 35 which I owned for 7 months. The f1.4 is a usable 1.4 . I need to buy ND filters so that I can enjoy this los aperture throughout the whole day. Next video will be in Istanbul Turkey. A brand of lingerie and swimwear hired me for their video editorial. 5 DAYS surrounded by beautiful girls in bikinis. Let’s see what the Sigma 30mm 1.4 can do in this instance. Thanks for watching.