I accidentally deleted 10 days of shooting material of amazing locations through that trip. What you see is just from a partial transfer from my SD card to my computerShot on Canon 70D with the canon 10-22mm f3.5

It’s the first time I tried color grading even though I am color blind. I hope you like the result!Special thanks to the artist of the song: You and Me (Axero Remix)All tourists go to Myrtos beach as it is advertised one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Skip the drive there, rent a boat and start exploring the northern coastline of the island. Far better experience than what Myrtos had to offer!

Disclaimer: Kefalonian Lines is not sponsoring me. It’s a company that belongs to my friend Spyraggelos who is featured in this video along with the girls.  I added it as a teaser for him to joke around.

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