I was torn between buying a GoPro 5 for $400 or an underwater case for my Sony a6500 for 300 dollars. I usually choose the smaller equipment, but since I could save $100 and shoot in better quality underwater, I chose the underwater case for my Sony. The case is bulky and along with the extra fisheye dry lens, you add 2pounds+ into your travel bag. Here some random shots from Kythnos Lefkada and Elafonisos islands. Besides the weight, I haven’t regretted my choice yet. The fisheye lens that came with the case is poor quality plastic glass. It shows when my camera points out of the water. There are many scratches already and you can see how bad it handles the sun flair. Though it makes the focal length even wider so I had it on for 90% of my underwater shots.

underwater case: http://ebay.to/2wyiYDN

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